Welcome to My Website!

My name is Stephen Simmons, and I am currently a freshamn here at NC State. I grew up in the fields around Hickory, North Carolina. My current intended major is Aerospace Engineering. My reason for choosing this specialization is largely based on my early interest in military aircraft and history, but was also influenced by my family. Since I was in elementary school I always wanted to be an aerospace engineer.

Being at school, my favorite hobby is undoubtedly playing video games with friends. However, when I go home, I typically spend more time outside, either fishing or shooting or playing sports. When it comes to gaming, I have built my own custom desktop computer and will spend hours at a time behind a keyboard. I love playing games on steam, and have met many friends through this service. When home fishing, I find it best to sit on the bank of a pond, and just relax and enjoy the day. Every hobby I have is about helping to calm me down.

My favorite website is where I spend a lot of my down time, and theres always a good laugh to be found.

Here is a copy of a recently written research paper of mine.--> Electric Cars

Pizza is great, here is how to make my favorite:

  1. Make or buy a crust, follow package instructions on preparation
  2. Add tomato sauce
  3. Add mozzarella cheese
  4. Add black olives, green peppers, pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, and chicken
  5. Bake until finished
  6. Devour the best

Class Name Projected Grade
Introduction to Graphics A
Matlab A-
Physics 205 B+
English 101 B+

Here is a picture of a fish I caught over spring break:
Fishing at Home