HTML and CSS Homework

My favorite hobby is playing video games. I grew up playing video games such as Mario 64 and Pokemon Snap. As I grew older, I discovered online play, and began playing more competitive games with my friends. We all had an Xbox and so we would play much more than we should have. We played basically any game we could afford and have fun with. My favorite game to play with my friends is PayDay 2.

  1. Decide you want a pizza
  2. Decide what pizza place you want to order from
  3. Call the number and order your wanted pizza
  4. Tell them to deliver it to your neighbors address
  5. When they arrive, steal the pizza because you're poor and cannot afford the pizza
  6. Enjoy

  7. Name Major
    Spencer Professional Pun Maker
    Chase Underwater Rubix Cube Solver

    Nintendo is amazing