homework 6 welcome!!!

My name is Shaoyi Yan, and you can call me Evans.I was born in june 3, 1994. My major is MSE, because I want to help disabled people recontrol their body. I love wolfpack, especially wolfpack basketball. That is the reason I choose NC State.

My favorate hobby is playing the violin. I begin studying it since elementary school. However, in high school time, I give up for a while. Because I have to prepare SAT test. After that, I restart playing it. Now, I always play with my friend and they all think I am good at it.

“doge” my resume

My List!! all internet company!!

  1. prepare bread
  2. prepare ham
  3. prepare cheese
  4. heat
  5. eat
class grade
Ma241 A
Ch101 A
Py205 A