Welcome to Shenkai Yu's Website!

My name is Shenkai Yu, I am 19 years old. My major is Computer Science. The reason why I choose this major is I think computer is amazing.
People can use computer finish many job, so I want to learn how to use it more efficient.

My hobby is to play basketball, I usually play basketball with my friends twice a week. I like any person who plays better than me and learn form him,
which helps to improve my basketball skill, and therefore I can beat him. If so, I will become more confident and much happier than before

IMDB Movie

    Toasted Steakhouse Sandwich

  1. Prepare the au jus dipping sauce: Melt butter in saucepan; saute onions until tender; add flour and stir; add contents of gravy mix packet then gradually whisk in water; allow to simmer while you make the sandwich.
  2. Prepare the "secret" sauce: Stir together alfredo sauce, mayonnaise, and your choice of onion salt or garlic salt; slice french bread with one horizontal slice to make a top and a bottom half; spread "secret" sauce evenly over both pieces of sliced bread.
  3. Place the prepared sandwich halves (open-faced) upon a baking sheet under the oven broiler for about 1 minute until the sauce is bubbly and the edges of the bread barely start to brown; remove from oven.
  4. Arrange thin sliced roast beef over both sandwich halves then sprinkle evenly with shredded cheeses; broil for another minute (still open-faced) until cheese is bubbly all over and starting to brown; remove from oven.
  5. Put sandwich halves together and return to oven to lightly toast (very, very briefly only) top and bottom of sandwich; remove from oven and slice sandwich into 5 even servings; provide 1/3 cup au jus with each serving.
PY200 A-
CSC116 A-
MA141 A-