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welcome to my page

Hello, my name is Shangshui Yun. I'm a freshman. For now, my major is political science but i'm planning to add mechanical engineering to my major. I chose political science because i like law. I want to go to a law school later, and eventually become a lawyer. As of Mechanical engineering, it's probaly gonna be a fun major, and I'm not so bad at it.

I have lot's of hobby. The biggest one would be basketball. I love playing basketball. I consider myself as an average player. I also play the piano, But ever since i got to college, I have not played piano once. I also like to read, i like to read non-fiction books and interestng articles when i have free time.

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Random argument

How to make peperoni pizza

  • First, to make a dough out of flour
  • Then, you would want to put tomato sauce on it.
  • Then, you put some cheese and peperoni on top of the sauce.
  • after that, bake about 25 mins in an oven in 425 degrees.
  • VoilĂ , there it is, fresh homemade pizza.
  • Class Grade
    PY205 A
    English A
    EC205 A

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