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Shaohu Zhang

Ph.D. Student in Computer Science
Research Assistant
North Carolina State University
Email: szhang42 AT ncsu.edu

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[01/09/18] Shaohu gave a talk in TRB'18.
[10/11/17] SmartCurve paper is accepted for presentation and publication by TRB'18.
[09/06/17] Glad to receive the NSF travel grant from MobiCom 2017!
[06/19/17] I passed my final oral exam.Cheer up!
[05/29/17] I will join the CSC PhD program at North Carolina State University this Fall.
[04/23/17] Our paper was accepted to ICCCN'17!
[10/06/16] Congrats Shaohu on winning the SenSys'16 Travel Award !
[09/01/16] Our poster paper was accepted to ACM SenSys'16.
[08/10/16] Our paper was accepted to IEEE ITSC'16.
[05/01/16] Our paper was accepted to IEEE VTC'16.
[04/18/16] Congrats Shaohu on winning the Sigma Xi Graduate Research Award!
[03/31/16] Shaohu presented his paper on the Chapter of SDSU, Sigma Xi Graduate Research Competition.
[01/12/15] Shaohu presented his paper on the 94th Transportation Research Board meeting in Washington D.C..

I am a first year Ph.D. student in Computer Science. I got a masters degree from South Dakota State University. Before that, I was a Logistic Engineer in Shanghai. I had worked on a number of projects on mobile sensor systems for Intelligent Transportation Systems. My primary research objectives and interests are in the area of wireless networks and mobile computing. I am fascinated with the designing, analyzing and modeling of mobile applications or wireless network to explore how to implement computation and how best to pass what I have learned to others. Currently, I work with Dr. Muhammad Shahzad focusing on IoT and Visible Light Communication (VLC)

Research Interest:

  • Wireless networking: network measurement and modeling, particularly focusing on their applications to Intelligent Transportation Systems.
  • Mobile computing: pattern/activity recognition relating to bridging Cyber-Physical System and Machine Learning using smartphones and other sensors.
  • Data Mining


Courses taken from SDSU:
  • CSC705 Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms
  • CSC710 Structure and Design of Programming Languages
  • CSC720 Theory of Computation
  • CSC770 Software Engineering Management
  • CSC601 Accelerated Computer Science fundamental (C++)
  • CSC574 Computer Networks
  • GEOG786 Geographic information system (Python)
  • STAT574 Statistical Methods II (SAS)
  • CSC317 Computer organization & Architecture
  • CSC354 Introduction to Systems Programming
  • CSC445 Introduction to Theory of Computation
  • CSC446 Compiler Construction
  • CSC456 Operating Systems
  • Courses taken from NCSU:
  • CSC791 Internet of Things

  • Computer Skills:

    • Engineering Design and Analysis Software: AutoCAD, Synchro, CORSIM, MatLab.
    • Programming Languages: C, Objective C, Swift, C++, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, FORTRAN, Ada,C#.
    • Application Software: SAS, R, ERP (SAP), ArcGIS, Arduino, iOS App, Android App.


    • NSF Travel Award from SenSys'16 and Mobicom'17.
    • Sigma Xi Graduate Research Award, South Dakota State University, 2016.
    • Best Undergraduate Thesis Award, Zhejiang Ocean University, China, 2010.
    • Excellent Student Scholarship, Zhejiang Ocean University, China, 2008.