My hobbies and such

My name is Tyler Boquet-Caron and I am a Freshmen in the First Year Engineering Program at NC State University. The engineering I hope to CODA into is Chemical Engineering with a concentration in green chemistry. One of the reasons I want to have this major is to create new products for commercial use that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. I wish to leave a sustainable legacy and a cleaner world for everyone. You should strive for this too!

A hobby of mine is golfing. I made the NC State club golf team with a few of my friends from my high school's golf team. This includes my co-captain of high school, whom I am rooming with. Right now I am not playing too often because of school and the weather, however I will resume play in the spring. I may also go to a professional tournament then.

imgur Wolfware

  1. Aquire bread, fluff and Nutella
  2. Take 2 pieces of bread and lay them out
  3. Spread fluff on one piece of bread
  4. Spread Nutella on the other
  5. Put sandwich together
  6. Enjoy
Class Grade
Sleeping 201 Glassblowing 101 E101
100 95 94