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My name is Tyler Brigman. My year is considered freshman. I indent to pusure a Master's of Statistics considering I already have an undergraduate degree in History. I am interested in Statistics because it is a practical science useful to every firm in existance. I enjoy the applications of math in statistics and I like that the discipline allows humans to make decisions based on data. Statistics makes sense of the world around us.

I am currently not employed, as I am a full time student. My most recent occupation was Active Duty Military. I was a SATCOM operator for the 82nd Airborne Division. I loved jumping out of planes and providing internet for high ranking officers. Injury forced me to leave the military, but I often reflect upon my time in the service with affection and pride. My dream job is to work for SAS in their stats department.

4 Most Interesting Classes I have taken

  1. Modern European History, 1815 to Present
  2. Introduction to Economics
  3. Calculus 2
  4. Physics

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NCSU boxing boxing
NCSU bowling bowling