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Mission Statement: To employ all biomedical resources in the quest to alleviate human suffering.

I'm Taylor Cook, and I am determined to make this world a better place before I leave it. I'm currently a senior in biomedical engineering at North Carolina State University. My primary research interest is tissue engineering, with a focus on mechanical prototyping for bioreactors. Avocationally, I enjoy literature — especially James Joyce and 19th century Russian.

I chose to pursue a career in engineering because it appeals to both my passion for STEM academia and my compassion for my fellow human beings. I believe that biomedical engineering has the power to uplift humanity in a manner limited only by our willingness to fearlessly innovate.


North Carolina State University

BS in Biomedical Engineering December 2015

Undergraduate Research, NeoTech Global BME Senior Design, Engineering World Health Club, Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity, Biomedical Engineering Society, Provost's Academic Award, Park Scholarship Finalist. Relevant coursework includes Biology, Intro. to Engineering, Biotransport, Human Physiology I & II, MATLAB for Engineers, Tissue Engineering, Statics, Dynamics, Differential Equations, Linear Systems, and Bioinstrumentation. Relevant coursework ahead includes Polymer Engineering and Solids.

Forsyth Country Day School

High School Degree June 2011

Cum Laude, National Honors Society, National Science Honors Society, National Spanish Honors Society. Relevant coursework included AP Chemistry, AP Biology, and AP Calculus.


Human Physiology of Wearable Robotics (PoWeR) Lab

PI: Gregory Sawicki PhD • Mentor: Kota Takahashi PhD • Department of Biomedical Engineering, North Carolina State University • Feb. 2015 - Present

Manufactured templates for carbon-fiber insoles. Assisted with lab duties.

Cell Mechanics Lab

PI: Elizabeth Loboa PhD • Mentor: Mahsa Mohiti PhD • Department of Biomedical Engineering, North Carolina State University • Aug. 2012 - May 2014

Performed electrospinning of biopolymeric solutions for use as scaffolds in osteogenic tissue engineering constructs. Conducted literature review on the functional addition of calcium phosphates to electrospun polymeric nanofibers. Completed lab duties.

Ronca Lab

PI: April Ronca PhD • Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Wake Forest University Baptist School of Medicine • June 2010 - July 2012

Pioneered use of stereology in WFUBMC's Ob/Gyn Department. Conducted first stereology on the neonatal murine brain at any institution. Quantified c-fos in the neonatal murine brain. Developed protocols for use of stereology in future research. Started as an intern; was later hired.


Skilled with MATLAB, electrospinning, design history files, and technical writing. Proficient in SolidWorks CAD, basic workshop machinery (presses, saws, welds, power tools, etc.), differential equations, IP landscape/patent/competitive market research, signal processing, cell culture, Spanish, web design, and biotransport. Interested in tissue engineering, biomechanical prototyping, microfluidics, and social entrepreneurship.

NeoTech Global

NeoTech Global

NCSU's Biomedical Engineering curriculum culminates with a 2-semester, 5-phase biomedical device design process, taught by Andrew DiMeo and based on the FDA's Quality System Regulations. My team, NeoTech Global, has developed the mission statement:

To develop affordable, quality medical technologies for infants everywhere.

In this spirit, we have (1) defined our code of ethics, strategic focus, and acceptance criteria; (2) identified our stakeholders; (3) conducted observation and problem identification at hospitals in NC and Guatemala; (4) researched and reported disease state fundamentals; (5) generated needs statements; (6) filtered the needs statements based on passion, market, and feasibility, ultimately selecting one; (7) assessed the competitive market and intellectual property landscape; (8) generated biomedical design concepts; (9) acquired design concept feedback from professionals in academia, marketing, industry, and medicine; (10) developed CAD and physical prototypes; (11) acquired samples from OEMs; and (12) begun functional prototyping. During the process, I, along with my team, have learned the basics of quality control and systems regulations; engineering notebook protocols; teamwork, collaboration, and mentorship; design history file (DHF) production, maintenance, and revision; communication skills and etiquette; and effective pitch &/or presentation tactics.

We are working to design and market a filtered sunlight phototherapy system for neonatal jaundice treatment in low-resource settings. You can learn more about the project at our website. I am omitting specific details regarding our biomedical design in the interest of protecting our team's intellectual property, but, if you would like to discuss our project in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Contact Me

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