Welcome, I guess.

I am Thomas. I am a freshman. I am intending to major in Computer Science. I chose this major because I can. Do I really need a reason.

One hobby that I like to do on occasion is wood working. Most of the stuff I have done just involves cutting patterns out with a scroll saw. While is much more that can be done with wood working, I haven't really gotten to that point yet. Also, scroll sawing is just the easiest thing to do. The equipment is cheap and doesn't take up too much space relatively speaking.

Astronaut whose nose itches
Here's my resume.

How to make a pizza

  1. Get dough, sauce, cheese, and pepporoni.
  2. Ball the dough up and stuff some cheese, sauce, and pepporoni into it as you see fit.
  3. Bake the doughy mess.
  4. Once the dough is done baking, you've got a big pizza ball.
  5. Enjoy.

Class Expected Grade
MA 241 A
PY 205 A
E 115 S
Random image of a wood worked log