All I'm trying to do is pass and move on to envirnmental

Hi Mitch, my name is Taylor Dellinger. I am a freshman and have an intent for mechanical, but I'm not quite sure yet. I have been bouncing back and forth between mechanical and envirnmental. I love how hands on both disciplines are, but i feel that envirnmental is much more suited for me. I say this because im very intrested in alternitive energies as well as making products and processes more friendly to the envirnment.

I have two hobbies that I have never been able to decide between. They are soccer and the percussive arts. I have played soccer since I was three years old and have coached since i was fifteen. I was three time All-Confrence and first team All-State. I was even given a few scholarship offers. I have been a percussionist since sixth grade. I'm very interested in the marching arts and am a member of the drumline here at NC State. I have aspirations to march at the highest level that I can.

  1. Aquire Currency
  2. Call for Pizza
  3. Eat the Pizza
  4. Feel bad for eating all the pizza and go cry

Class Grade
MA 141 CH 101 MUS 131
B - B- A+