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My name is Tim Fagan. I ama freshman in the class of 2018. My major is chemical engineering because I enjoy chemistry and careers in chemical engineering pay very well.

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My favorite hobby is to play soccer. I started playing soccer when I was five and have never stopped. I only ever played for a recreational league because I did not have the time or dedication to play competitively.

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  1. Take a piece of rosemary bread
  2. Put a piece of cheddar or swiss cheese on said bread
  3. Add slices of turkey
  4. Add bacon, as much as possible
  5. Add turkey
  6. Smear on chipotle ranch
  7. Close with second piece of rosemary bread
  8. Eat
  9. Refuse to share with anyone
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Class Expected Grade
Calculus III Economics English 261
C- B+ A-
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