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My name is Tucker Huffine, and I'm a freshman at NC State. Currently my major is exploratory studies. Originally I was interested in Chemical Engineering; however, I know believe I want to pursue Statistics. I am currently in Statistics 101 and I have also taken AP Statistics. I found that I really enjoy that topic which is why I will pursue it.

My favoirte hobby is keeping up with, playing, and coaching football. I love both College Football and the NFL. In the fall, I played on a 7 man flag footnall team that won all of its games. Now, I am the coach of my friend's four man flag football team. My favorite team in the NFL is the Green Bay Packers, and my favorite team for college is Alabama Crimson Tide!

This is my Resume

  1. Get Phone Number
  2. Call Pizza Place
  3. Tell what the Pizza PLace you want on your pizza
  4. Pay for the Pizza
  5. Class Grade
    E115 S
    Statistics A
    USC 102 A