Behind the Scenes in E115

My name is Tyler Joyce, and I am a freshman at NC State University. I am currently enrolled in the First Year College, but I hope to eventually change my major to Civil Engineering
because I am interested in creating structures.

My absolute favorite animal is a frog and it has been a frog since I was a little kid. I like them so much because I have so many good memories of catching them with my
in the summer.

Rhapsody Is one of my favorite sites, because it is where I like to find new music.

Click Here to See One of my Other Favorite Sites

How to Order a Pizza

  1. Go to Pizza Hut's website .

  2. Click on the "Start Your Order" tab in the top right of the screen.
  3. Then choose where you would like to order your pizza from, and whether you want delivery or carry out.
  4. Design your pizza you want(Make sure to check out their specials!).
  5. Checkout and Pay.

Course My Expected Grade
CH 101 A
MA 241 B
E 115 S
EC 205 B+
USC 106 A
Picture of a frog