Being a Stereotypical Gay

To start off, my name is Tommy Keeshan. I am a Freshman at North Carolina State University who is a prospective Chemical Engineer. I chose this major because I'm good at chemistry and graduates make "hella" bank. ChemE is perfect for all types of people. If you want to better yourself or the world you can work for a medicine producer and help cure Ebola. Or if you want to fuck shit up, you can create new virus's that are worse than the flesh eating disease that the Russian Hooker got a few years ago.

Now that you've gotten to know my major, I'd like to tell you about my favorite hobby. I love strengthening misguided stereotypes about gay people. I my self am gay so don't take points off of this assignment for being homophobic. Sometimes I will walk down the street to the beat of Lady Gaga's song "Boys Boys Boys" while wearing my best Dolce and Gabbana dress's (because all gay men love to cross dress!!). After that I put on a superior face like I'm better than all the basic bitches that I have to deal with everyday. When I'm bored I go visit my pet unicorn, Professor Fabulous Pants who farts glitter and can shoot rainbows out of its horn! I do lots of other stuff but I can only write 7 sentances!


How I Order A Jimmy Johns Sandwich

  1. Put down the Strawberry Pinacle Vodka you're drinking
  2. Find Jimmy Johns number in phone
  3. Order food
  4. Get a pickle, not chips, because you're gay and you have to like pickles...
  5. Don't fall asleep while Jimmy Johns delivers you're food "Fast"
  6. Open up food and realize you hate Jimmy Johns
  7. Stop drinking

Class Grade Comments
E115 S Probably
Social Dance S Cause I'm Fierce
Fitness Walking C Don't judge.

Pride Flag