Welcome, Hope You Enjoy Learning More About Me

My Name is Tamam Almashni. I am a freshmen at North Carolina State University. I am currently majoring in Industrial Engineering. I chose Industrial Engineering because it deals more with the business aspect. It also has many different parts, giving me a variety of choices for my future career. I am uncertain in the concentration of my major, but I am currently looking at the different concentrations.

My favorite animal is a Dog Yorkie. Dogs are my favotire animal because they are a man's best friends. They can also sense how you feel, so they try to cheer you up when you're down; they even get excited with you. They're very friendly, and they love humans. I've always liked smaller dogs, I am not big on animals but I do love dogs, especially Yorkies. I would like to own a pet Yorkie.

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How To Make a Pizza

  1. Make the Dough
  2. Add Marinara Sauce
  3. Add your Favotire Toppings
  4. Bake The Pizza until done

Semester Schedule

Class Grade
Calculus 1 A
Public Speaking A
Geology B+