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My name is Tim Matijow. I am a freshman. I am intending to do mechanical engineering. I chose mechanical engineering because I love cars and want to become an automotive engineer.

I guess my favorite hobby would be working on my car. Every weekend I find something that I could improve to make it faster, better looking, or more reliable. Whenever I start working on my car I always find out that I need some sort of special tool that I don't have. It usually ends with me running out of time and having to just make it so the car is driveable and not actually finish. Work on a car is never over, there is always something else that I can do.

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How to make a sandwich

  1. Find bread
  2. Put meat on bread
  3. Close bread
  4. Eat

Class Grade
E115 Pass
CSC113 B
PY205 B
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