Tim Archer's Resume



I am currently studying at North Carolina State University. I am in First Year Engineering, and intend to change into Aerospace Engineering at the end of the semester. My anticipated graduation date is Spring 2020.

Future Plans

I picked this engineering because I enjoy math and science, as well as thinking creatively to solve problems. I picked aerospace because I have always been interesting in flight and would like to learn more about it, as well as get a career that immerses me in it. I do not know exactly what I want to do yet, but one career path that interests me at the moment would be working with SpaceX.

My Skills

Relevant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
E101 Intro To Engineering Fall 2016
MA241 Calc 2 Fall 2016
PY205 Physics for Engineers Fall 2016
E115 Intro to Computing Environments Spring 2017
GC120 Foundations of Graphics Spring 2017
MA242 Calc 3 Spring 2017