Welcome Everyone

Hello! My name is Tushar Arora and I am a Freshmen in NC State. I am originally from India and I shifted to the States for pursuing my Undergraduation in Engineering. My intended major is Computer Engineering, but I look forward to changing it to Computer Science. I am leaned more towards the Software domain and specifially to Coding side

As of now, I am not employed, neither do i have an internship. But I look forward to do some internships in the feild of Software or to be a Software intern, to be more precise. I do not intend to work under anyone after my graduation and rather work for myself. I wish to be an entrepreneur.

The most interesting classes in NC State

  1. Introduction to Computing Environments(E 101)
  2. Intro to JAVA (CSC 116)
  3. Physics 1 (PY 205)
  4. Cacl III (MA 242)
  5. Chemistry (CH 101)
  6. Advanced JAVA (CSC 216)
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Underwater Robotics Club
Hack Pack Hardwork