Tyler's Website

My name is Tyler Scheviak, and I am a freshman. My intended major is biomedical engineering. I am interested in medical devices, and I enjoy applying helping people in need. Healthcare today is extremely expensive and not as effective as it should be, so my goal is to change that. I hope to create inexpensive 3D-printed body parts for people who are in need of a custom implant, or one who simply doesn't have enough money to buy a normal implant. I can also take many different paths with a degree in biomedical engineering, and that is why I plan to major in it.

My favorite hobby is playing sports. My main sports that I play are baseball, flag football, and basketball. I have been playing baseball my whole life, so it is my favorite sport. I play with my friends on the weekends as we hit in the cage and throw on the field. I also enjoy a good session of shooting hoops and dropping buckets. I led my intramural team to one victory this year. We lost every game in intramural flag football, but we still had fun.

espn-logo-copy.jpg My Resume
  1. Take out bread
  2. Put pepperjack cheese on each piece of bread
  3. Put two slices of salami over each piece of pepperjack cheese
  4. Put one slice of pepperjack cheese on only one piece of bread
  5. Put the two pieces of bread together
Class Physics E115 Organic Chemistry
Grade A S A