My name is Taylor Slade.I am a freshman. I am in engineering first year.I will most likely choose chemical engineering. I chose chemical engineering because I like science and math, especially chemistry. I like to figure out how things work and how to make things work better.

My favorite break from school was summer break between junior and senior year of high school. My dad and I went camping in the outerbanks. One of my favorite memories is fishng at Cape Lookout when we were the only people out there. Later that summer, my family and I went to four baseball games. We went to St. Louis, Chicago, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. That was the best summer ever.

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How to make a pizza

  1. Spread dough into a circle
  2. Put ingredients on dough
  3. Cook pizza in oven
  4. Take pizza out of oven and eat
Class Expected Grade
Ch101 A
Eng101 B+
MA141 A-
Cape Lookout