Welcome to the end

My name is Taylor Smith, but I go by Tally. I am a freshman in Engineering with Computer Science intent. I chose that major because I want to make video games. NCSU is one of the only colleges that offers a programming-based game dev degree instead of an art-based one. That's why I chose to come to NC State.

My favorite hobby is crying. Also sometimes I sleep a lot and eat, but I eat mainly junk food so my body isn't really down with that. Sometimes, instead of crying, I like to play video games. Sometimes though, I get so frustrated with the game that I cry anyways. That is my life.

This is my resume

How To Eat Pizza

  1. Realize you are hungry
  2. Go to your fridge
  3. Pull out the pizza lunchable you realize has been sitting there for about a month
  4. Eat it
  5. Regret everything
Class Expected Grade
FLG102 A
E115 S
E101 A+
MUS131 A+
MA141 B-
CH111 B+