Terry Swaim

My name is Terry Swaim. I am entering my sophmore year at NC State in pursuit of a degree in Mechanical engineering. I chose Mechanical Engineering because I enjoy physics and figuring out how things do what they do.

I am from Wendell NC. I live on a farm in wendell with a pond on it where I often fish during my days off from school or work. I also enjoy hunting and playing basketball.

My favorite job is the one I have currently as a design engineer at rmf engineering near the RDU airport. The work I do is nice because I get to learn all about the software used in businesses today. The people at the office are really cool and like to have fun sometimes which is great.

Terry Swaim resume
  1. Physics 205
  2. Chemistry 101
  3. Calculus 241
  4. Philosophy 340
Student Name Intended Major
Nickolas Novacek Computer Science
Taylor Grace Agricultural Engineering