Welcome to a webpage about my college experience thus far!

Hello! My name is Thayer Tracy! I am currently a freshman at North Carolina State University in the First Year Engineering program. My intent is to graduate with a major in Mechanical Engineering. I desire a degree in Mechanical Engineering because I have an octane-fueled passion for cars and anything related.

My ultimate life goal is to design high-performance cars or high-performance parts. The dream is to eventually own and operate my very own company which produces one or both. So long as all goes well, I will be able to realize my dreams and potential.

Photo of me.

    Interesting classes I am taking, or plan to take.

  1. Modern American History
  2. Economics
  3. Introductory Chemistry
  4. Introductory Physics

Organizations I'd like to join.

Organization Name Link to their Webpage
Wolfpack Motorsports link
Wolfpack Formula Hybrid link