My name is Alex Werts. I am a freshman. I want to go into biomedical engineering.
I want to go into boimedical engineering because I want to make the prosthetic
limbs for people who don't have arms, legs and such. I would also get to help people
and get paid at the same time. I feel that I would enjoy this work.

I have not had many breaks from school yet, since I am but a freshman. My favorite
break, however, is probably fall break. It is my favorite break because I get to go
go home and visit all of my friends there. I enjoy hanging out with my friends from
back home. The people at State are cool, but it is nice to see old friends.
  1. Call the desired pizza place.
  2. Tell them you would like a pizza. Include size, toppings, sides, and drinks.
  3. Tell them your desired method of payment.
  4. Go pick up your pizza.
ClassExpected Grade
PSY 470B
ENG 101C+
MA 242A