My name is Bryce Bullard. I am a freshman. My intended major is mechanical engineering. I chose this major because I have always wondered how things work. Being a mechanical engineer will allow me to truly understand how things work and why.

I think my favorite hobby is cars. I have always loved cars and always will. I love to learn about them and could talk about them with someone for hours and hours everyday. I have made many friends through talkling about cars and that is probably my favorite thing about cars. Cars are more than just machines to people like me.

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  1. Call the pizza place
  2. Order your pizza
  3. Wait
  4. Pay the deilvery guy
  5. EAT

Course Name Expected Grade
EC 201 B
MA 111 A
PHI 205 B
CH 111 B
E 155 S
HESS 243 S
E 101 A

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