Welcome to Tanner Gordon's Page



I have been awarded a BS in Physics with a minor in mathematics from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. I am currently persuing an Electrical Engineering degree from North Carolina State University. I expect to graduate from North Carolina State University in May 2018.


I chose to study physics because I really enjoy learning the behavior of everything around me. I have always had a curiosity of finding things out and I really enjoy when things make sense. I am now studying electrical engineering because it offers the same satisfaction of discovery, and it will also find me a job. I intend to do research in nanotechnology and hopefully persue a career on that path.

Special Skills

  1. Analytical skills
  2. Organization
  3. Leadership
  4. Public Speaking
  5. Problem Solving

Relevant Course Work

Class Course Title Semester
PHY 411 Electricity and Magnetism I Fall 2014
PHY 412 Electricity and Magnetism II Spring 2015
MAT 367 Principles of Applied Mathematics Spring 2015
PHY 444 Quantum Theory Fall 2014
ECE 200 Analog Circuits Fall 2016