Welcome to My About Me Page

This is just a simple web-page about me. If you wish to know more, feel free to click my picture to send me an email!

Self Portrait

My name is Tanner Leonard and I am a sophomore at UNCW while planning to transfer to NC State. I plan to graduate in mechanical engineering
and pursue a career in the marine industry designing or building sport fishing boats. I chose mechanical engineering because I have always been
fascinated with how objects are built and created, especially boats and yachts.

I currently work for a start-up business assisting with data entry and management in a website. I also help work on and maintain a couple of boats
in Carolina beach. My dream job is to either own my own boat building company or become a chief engineer for a sport yacht builder.

My Most Interesting Classes
  1. Engineering Statics
  2. Physics 201
  3. Calculus 3
  4. International Studies

Clubs I'm Interested In
Name of ClubLink to Website
Fishing TeamBass Pack
Ariel Robotics ClubAriel Robotics