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A picture of Tyler

Hello! My name is Tyler Brew-Thompson and I am a current a freshman at NC state University. While I am here at NC State I intend to major in BioMedical Engineering. The reason why I am interested in BioMedical engineer because every since I was a young boy I was fascinated with the way Medical departments found ways to improve the lives of people. Since I have many family members in the Medical field it was only natural to follow their footsteps.

After I get a bachelors degree in BioMedical Engineering the next step for me is going to medical school. Since childhood My main goal in life is to be Orthopedist. I believe that the skills that I have acquired through BME will provide me a different way of thinking during my journey into Medical School.

My favorite classes:

  1. Engineering 144
  2. English 101
  3. Math 141
  4. Chemistry 101

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MicroBiology MicroBiology Website
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