Welcome to my Homework 5a assignment

My name is Theresa Claire Miner, but I go by Tracie. I am a first year engineering student with a mechanical engineering intent. I chose this major because I really like math. Math is my favorite subject, and I know that mechanical engineering has a lot of math involved. I also want to build and make new things so engineering seemed right for me.

My favorite hobby is spending time with my dogs. I love animals so much and my dogs just make me so happy. After a long day, they are my stress relievers. I enjoy throwing the ball for my black lab. Her name is Coal Miner (get the pun?). One day I want to open a doggie daycare so I can play with dogs all day.

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  1. Get two slices of bread and lay them flat on the counter
  2. Get peanut butter out of the pantry and jelly out of the fridge
  3. Using a butter knife, scoop out some CREAMY peanut butter and apply it to one slice of bread. Do not put too much because too much peanut butter is not good. Clean the knife by spreading what little peanut butter remains on it to the other slice of bread so that you do not get peanut in the jelly
  4. On the other slice of bread you used to clean the knife, apply GRAPE jelly. You may use a spoon if you like. The peanut butter should be the main flavor, so DO NOT over-apply.
  5. ENJOY!
Class Expected Grade
Chem 101 A
Differential Equations A-
English 101 A+