Welcome to Caleb's Awesome Website

Hello, my name is Theodore Newell but I go by my middle name Caleb. I am a freshman and am enrolled in the First Year Engineering program. I will CODA over the summer and I will pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering. I chose Chem E because the degree offers a wide range of high paying career opportunities. I like both money and choices so this seems like the prefect degree for me.

My favorite animals are dogs. I had four growing up: a husky named Bubba, a weimaraner named Chelsea, a dalmatian mix named Devin, and a english shepherd named Tess. Out of the four dogs, only Tess is still alive. She is 15 and sometimes has trouble getting up by herself but she still loves to get scratched and eat. I have a new dog named Coda who I got with my girlfriend. He is a 1 year old Beagle who loves to get into trouble. His most recent story is that he swallowed a small cloth toy a few days ago. We are waiting to see if it passes through his system. If it doesn't he may need surgery.

League of Legends Youtube

  1. Go to grocery store.
  2. Find the frozen foods isle.
  3. Pick a pizza with the toppings and crust of your choice.
  4. Go home and follow the instructions on the box.
  5. Enjoy!
  6. Course Name Expected Grade
    E115 S
    E122 A
    Eng101 A