Welcome to the place where the nerds rule the world!

My name is Taylor Dare Cecil. I am a freshman studying Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University. I chose to major in Chemical Engineering for a few reasons. I have always excelled in mathematics and science courses so the logical choice was to have a career in an engineering field. Chemistry has always been my favorite subject because I had a teacher who always made subject matter interesting and relatable to the real world. Chemical engineers have the honor of going to work everyday to make the world a better place. It would be a privilege for me to be a part of one of the teams of researchers who make the impossible tangible.

My favorite hobby is definitely dancing. I have taken dance classes since I was three years old and I have not stopped. Dance is how I express the emotions I cannot put into words. When I was going through a difficult time as a result of a hurricane and cancer, dance kept me sane. My favorite dance classes are contemporary hip-hop and classical ballet, which seems odd to most people but it makes perfect sense to me. Hip-hop is a perfect blend between sharp and smooth movements whereas ballet is all about technique. If I did not have dance, I do not know where I would be today.


Steps to Obtain Taylor's Favorite Sandwich

  1. Drive to Blue Moon Beach Grill
  2. Walk up to the hostess stand and ask for Dave
  3. Tell Dave that you want T Cec's usual:a cheesesteak sandwich with provolone cheese, no onions, no mushrooms, and absolutely no peppers.
  4. When Dave returns to the table to tell you how long it will be before your food is ready, ask for Mayonnaise and Ranch
  5. When Dave places your amazing sandwich before you, carefully spread half of the Mayonnaise in the container on the top piece of bread(nearest the cheese).
  6. Pour ranch on the bottom piece of bread (below the meat)
  7. Please devour the sandwich. It is perfection.
Class Expected grade
Calculus III B
Chemistry 101 A+
E101 A+
Philosophy 205 A+