This is the World of T_coli! Be afraid!

Hello Internet world, I am Trevor, a nuclear engineer in training. Being only a Freshman, I still have to pass the CODA, but I really think I will be able to get into my specific program. I decided to become a nuclear engineer during high school Chemistry when we discussed radiation and the effects of it. Ever since then, every detail of energy and reactions have fascinated me with their sheer energy. And now I am at NCSU learning the inner workings of engineering ethics and rules while simultaneously learning about just how real college can be.

My favorite hobby would have to be fishing, especially flyfishing. There is something about finding that one fish in a vast body of water that amazes me. Then flyfishing adds to it even more because it is almost an artform to even move the fly across the water. I learned how to fish at a young age and my first experience was almost being pulled into the pond by a carp and my grandfather holding onto me so I could reel the fish in.

  1. Make the dough and have toppings ready
  2. Heat the oven and put together Pizza
  3. Bake Pizza for 20 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  4. Let Pizza cool and cut
  5. Calculus II Chemistry 101 English 101 Bowling
    B+ A A- Pass
    Fly Image