This is my Header, welcome to my webpage!

My name is Taylor Crowell. I am a freshman with a Mechanical Engineering intent. I chose to pursue a mechanical engineering degree because I want to be able to work in a variety of different fields of engineering. I want to be capable of helping to solve any of the worlds major problems and play a large role in helping improve people's lives. I hope I am able to obtain my under-graduate degree here at State and then consider pursuing a Master's degree.

My favorite hobby would have to be playing sports. As I was growing up, I played baseball for almost 17 years. I also played basketball and football competitively, while participating in just about any other sport I could, recreationally. I really enjoyed making memories out on the field with life-long friends through my participation in sports. I feel like I gained many valuable experiences and had a blast doing it. I'm definitely planning on continuing my passion for sports while I'm here at State.

ESPN Atlanta Braves Website

This is my list, a list of how to make my favorite sandwich, Enjoy!

  1. Cut a sub roll in half.
  2. Put any kind and every kind of meat on the sandwich, the more the merrier.
  3. Add at least two different types of cheese, preferably provolone and swiss.
  4. Add sliced sweet & sour pickles.
  5. Add a little bit of mustard and mayonaise to finish off this great sandwich.
Class Expected Grade
Calculus 3 A
E115 Satisfactory
Fitness and Wellness Satisfactory
Physics 205 B