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My Name is Thomas Drake Davis, I am a freshman majoring in high school science education at North Carolina State University. I admittedly chose this major because I knew that I would be accepted into the College of Education if I was not accepted into the College of Engineering. However, the reason I chose this major as my backup is because I do care about the education system and I am interested in the idea of being a teacher. Should I follow through with my teaching degree I hope that I will be one of the teachers that actually manages to teach my students something. Ideally I will end my college career with a Bachelor's in Computer Science, but I do not completely hate the idea of teaching after I graduate.

Course Expected Grade
MA241 A-
ENG101 B+
PY205 A-

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My favorite pastime is anything related to music. I hated music up until the point when I learned how to play an instrument, I was hooked after that happened. I've been playing music for six years and can play six different instruments with decent proficiency. The first instrument I learned how to play was the tenor saxophone; I picked it up because I had to make a choice for a semi-mandatory band class I took in middle school. My favorite instrument to play is the electric guitar because it is the instrument I have the most access to right now and I can play it without making too much noise.

I wrote my first piece of music when I was fifteen. I like to read information about music theory in order to make myself feel more sophisticated and feed my ego.