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Hello, my name is Tyler Keller. I am a freshman in engineering with an aerospace intent. I decided on engineering at a young age but was unsure on which type. In my physics class two years ago fluid mechanics interested me the most. That is why I chose to pursue aerospace engineering as my major.

Every year I look forward to one break in particular. That break is Christmas break. I really enjoy the holiday season. It not only gives me a break from school, but it also allows me to catch up with my family and friends. Plus, everyone is always happy during the holiday season, so it's hard not to like it!

How to Order Pizza
  1. Pick up your phone
  2. Dial your favorite pizza place's phone number
  3. Place an order
  4. Choose payment method
  5. Wait a while
  6. Receive your pizza!
E101 E115 MA241
A Pass A

Here's a picture related to my favorite break!