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Hello! I am Tanvi Thummar. I am an international student(from India) at the NC State University. I am a freshman this semester(Fall 2017). I am a first year engineering student and I intend to major in Computer Science. I have always wanted to know what actually happens behind a computer screen. The amalgamation of intangible software and complex hardwares has always fascinated me. Secondly, I am passionate about programming and the problem solving part within it. Hence, I chose Computer Science as my major.

I am looking forward to explore the field of Computer Science with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence and Software Development. My dream job is to work as a Computer Scientist or as a Software Developer. In addition, I am thoroughly interested in research within my field. Moreover, I aim to set up my own research laboratory one day. I want to do a job that allows me to integrate my interests in Computer Science and Chemistry. A job that compels me to expand my horizons of knowledge and simultaneously motivates me to work hard and live my passion.

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My Favourite Classes

  1. CSC 116
  2. CSC 216
  3. MA 141
  4. MA 241
  5. E 115

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