Welcome to the Jungle

Greetings, my name is Taylor Earnhardt. I am a Freshman majoring in Engineering, hoping to CODA into Biomedical Engineering at NC State University. I have always found medical science to be fascinating, and with my love for mathematics, Biomedical Engineering was the perfect major for me. I plan on using it to specialize in Tissue Engineering and create artificial organs and tissues. I almost chose to be a doctor, but Engineering seems far more interesting.

My favorite hobby would have to be reading and writing stories. I could read books for days if I had the time, and I truly enjoy creating my own ideas on paper. I love to read and write many genres, including science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, and nonfiction. This hobby is relatively easy, although it can be expensive at times with the prices of books. Writing, however, is completely free, ignoring the minimal costs of paper and a pencil. I have published a few of my stories online and continue to write in my freetime or when a prompt captures my attention.

Fanfiction Logo My Beowulf Paper!
  1. Get the local PaPa John's phone number
  2. Call that number
  3. Tell them you want a large pizza
  4. It must be handtossed
  5. It must have light cheese
  6. And it must have pineapple on it
Class Grade Expected
Calculus III A-
Physics 205 B-
Swim Conditioning S
Sociology of Family A
E115 S