Welcome All!

My name is Taylor Bancroft and I am a freshman at NC State. I came here planning to be an electrical engineer and work with renewable energy systems. After taking some classes and working at the radio station I may try to do electrical and work with broadcasting. I also may switch which type of engineering I do depending on how my ECE classes go and whether they interest me or not. I want to find a major that I love and will get me a job where I can make an impact on peoples' lives.

My favorite hobby is surfing. I started surfing when I was a wee lad, maybe six or seven. My dad and I will wake up in the summertime before sunrise and surf in the morning. I live on the Outer Banks, so I luckily get to go to the beach every day in the summer. I can ride a short board but I prefer to long board. Much more graceful in my opinion.

  1. Get out bread, ham, cheese, and butter
  2. Butter the bread and place it on the pan on the stove
  3. Put the ham and cheese on it
  4. Cook until light and crispy and serve
Class Grade
Physics 208 B
Bowling S-
ECE 109 A-
Econ 201 A