Thomas E. Coyle

534 Deer Run
Pittsboro, NC 27312
cell/text (919) 244-0409

A brief insight into who Thomas Coyle is and where my return to school after 35 years will hopefully take me.

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Noteworthy upcoming dates and events

I expect to receive a Bacholor's of Science degree in Civil Engineering following the conclusion of the spring semester of 2017
from North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC.

I intend to apply for the F.E. (Fundimentals of Engineering) exam in the spring of 2017.

I intend to apply for the P.E. (Professional Engineer) exam in the fall of 2017.

I may apply to North Carolina State University to start a masters degree in civil engineering in the Fall of 2017.

from Mechanical and Aerospace to Civil Engineering

I transfered the courses that I completed from Mechanical and Areospace Engineering at North Carolina State University from 1980 - 1984
and applied them to Civil Enginering in 2015. I have been working in the construction engineering field for the past 35 years for architects,
enginers and steel fabricators as a contract draftsman and now possess all of the skills needed to design structures with the exception of
being able to seal the drawings as a professional engineer.


Walter A. Bumgardner, P.E. - I've been preparing structural design drawings for 10 years for Walter as a subcontract
draftsman using AutoCAD and have had numerous compliments on my attention to detail and dimensional accuracy of the plans
and structural wall and building sections.


Relevent course work

Class Course Title Semester
CE 263 Introduction to Construction Engineering Fall 2016
CE 301 Surveying Fall 2016
CE 324 Structural Measurements Spring 2016
CE 325 Structural Analysis I Fall 2016
CE 327 Reinforced Concrete Design Spring 2016
CE 332 Materials of Construction Fall 2015
CE 339 Civil Engineering Systems Spring 2015
CE 342 Structural Behavior of Soils Spring 2017
CE 367 Mechanical and Electrical Building Enginering Spring 2017
CE 382 Hydraultics Summer 2016
CE 420 Structural Senior Project Spring 2017
CE 426 Structural Steel Design Summer 2015
CE 466 Building Construction Engineering Fall 2016