Welcome to my webpage!

My name is Tess Mendoza and I am a Mechanical Engineering sophomore
at NC State University. This is my first semester at NCSU because I am a transfer
student. I chose Mechanical Engineering as my major because I am
very passionate about math, science, and problem solving.

Before I came to NC State I worked as a math and science tutor at my community college.
I worked there for 3 semesters (fall, spring, summer) and was the main physics tutor
and one of the main calculus tutors. Being a tutor helped to solidify a lot of the
concepts I might have struggled with previously because I had to learn how to teach
those concepts to others.


Four classes I am most excited to take at NC State:

  1. Thermodynamics
  2. Mechanical Engineering Design
  3. Python
  4. Mechatronics

Clubs/Organizations I am currently in or want to be in:

NameLink to Website
Underwater Robotics ClubNCSUrobotics
Society for Women EngineersSWE