My name is Thomas Stiewalt. Welcome to my Webpage!

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Major, University, and Graduation Date

I am currently enrolled in the First Year Engineering Program at North Carolina State University. I plan to transfer to civil engineering after this semester. I plan to graduate either in the spring of 2019 or the spring of 2020, depending on whether I do a Co-op.


Civil engineering represents where what I enjoy and am good at meets the needs of the world. Infrastructure is the basis of our society and has not been maintained well both in this country and around the world. I hope to work in impoverished countries and areas to provide them the means to function without having to be fixated on meeting their basic needs.

Special Skills and Qualities for Civil Engineers that I Possess
Class Course Title Semester
CE 214 Engineering Mechanics-Statics Fall 2016
CE 313 Mechanics of Solid Spring 2017
CE 382 Hydraulics Spring 2017
CE 426 Structural Steel Design Fall 2017
CE 305 Traffic Engineering Spring 2018