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We're the red and white from state and we know we are the best,
with our hand's behind out back we can take on all the rest,
Go over the hill Caroline,
Devils and Deacs stand in line,
We're the Red and White from NC STATE.

So I really don't know what to put up here because I'm not creative.
But hopefully this assignment gives me something to have up here. So here it goes.

This is a picture that my dad took in Wilmington this Summer.
The beach picture
And this is Momma with us kids and Grandma.
Graduation picture of Momma, Grandma, and the kids before meeting Tim Everett
I would have some wedding pics with the newest additions but I didn't get any copies.

And the necessitites for a Freshman Engineer.

And the E115 Course Website.
And the second edition to this page.
Page Dos