This is my super awesome website.

Im so glad you came here, its pretty cool!

So, Hey im Tanner Place. Im the one who created this website. Im a freshman at NCSU that will graduate in 2018, also I am an intended biomachonical engineer. The reason I choose to go into this major is because I really want to create the tools that help save lifes. Some other majors that would be super cool to be in is mechanical engineer, making all kinds of cool things for people, and computer science engineer. The reason I would consider computer science is because I think coding would be really fun, and doing it for a living would be awesome.

My favorite hobby is to listening to music, Also anything comic I have an extreme intrest in! So, naturally I like to explore and listen to the newest songs that are out. One of the best ways to do this by going to the site that the artist post their own music. Either that or listening to new music via friends taste in music. I dont know why I think its fun, but know that I find great enjoyment out of it when I do seek out a song that I really like.

Resume/Favorite Paper
  1. Get Italian Bread
  2. Put meat sauce on it
  3. Put pepperonis on
  4. Then american cheese
  5. Finally top it off with more Italian Bread
Ma 341 Bio 183 Cross Training
Dj Headphones