Hello, and welcome to my website.

My name is Tom. I am an Electrical Engineering and Physics major. I chose to these two majors becuase I am obsessed with Electromagnetism. I think that humanity sits precariously on the cusp of a new, brighter, and marvelous age of technology. If things go right, we will see fusion energy, space colonizationation, and nano machines in our lifetime. I want to be right in the middle of that excitement, and that is why I chose my majors.

My favorite hobby is reading. I enjoy reading about physics. I also like reading about engineering approaches to long standing problems or questions. For instance, there are still people working on the Tesla rotor. Contemporary interest in the Tesla rotor is centered on how cheap it is to manufacture relative to other turbines. Engineers are interested in leveraging this inexpensive design to bring rudimentary hydro power to the third world. Though there have been significant advances in the efficiency and performance of the rotor, much work remains to be done before it can be put to use in an industrial hydro electric generator.


Resume in English has no accent marks.

Confused about pizza?

Class. Grade.
E 115 S
E 201 A
MA 242 A
ECE 200 A
ECE 109 A

The Tesla Rotor, but look up academic articles if your really interested, theres a lot of nuts on the internet.