About the Company:  

 This company was started in Northampton County in northeastern North Carolina. The Boone family has been farming in this area for the past 150 years, including cotton, soybeans, peanuts, corn, milo, and wheat. My name is Hayes Boone and I am the founder of Hovertract, the tractor that makes no ruts and no crop damage. For years, John Deere tractors have created endless ruts, destroying fields, allowing non drivers to ruin crops, and these tractors cannot be driven in the rain because they will get stuck. That is a thing of the past!

Our Mission:

Our whole goal in this is to allow farmers to be able to use equipment without even touching the ground. The hovering science in this equipment will allow farmers to everything in wet weather, you wont have to worry about running over any crops, and you will have the coolest looking tractor in town. In the future, we will not be driving on the ground, we will be a few inches above the ground. As someone who has run over countless beans and cotton, never again will that happen because I will be hovering overt the crops. Welcome to the FUTURE!!!!   


   HoverTract LOGO   

           "Welcome to the Future of Farming!!"