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My name is Tammy Le, and I am currently a freshman at North Carolina State University intending to study civil engineering. I am interested in this field because I want to work in urbanization, sustainable living, and water conservation and sanitation. I want to use my education to help those around the globe who don't have simple living necessities, like housing and plumbing. I also find projects that transform abandoned downtown areas and make them new very interesting and it is something I would very much like to do in my career. I hope that I can achieve these goals by pursuing a Civil Engineering major.

A favorite hobby of mine is to play music- particularly piano and cello. I have played piano for thirteen years now, most of those years spent in classical training. I have played the cello for five years. I enjoy sitting at the piano learning new music, both classical and more pop music because it relaxes my mind and allows me to focus on just the music. I find music very fascinating and very beautiful to listen to, and I appreciate and hope to cultivate even more my skill of playing the piano well.

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  1. Ask for an Italian BMT.
  2. Ask for the 6-inch white Italian bread toasted.
  3. When they ask what type of cheese to add, say provolone.
  4. Once the bread with the meats and cheese is cooked, ask for lettuce and pickles.
  5. Ask for honey mustard dressing on top.
  6. Pay for the sandwich and you are finished.
Class Expected Grade
E115 S
CH101 A
LAT201 A+
Playing Piano