Welcome to My Page About My Future

My name is Tanner Orr and I am a Freshman in Civil Engineering. I chose this major because my grandfather was a civil engineer. In addition, I enjoy helping people and seeing projects through to completion. These things combined led to me chosing Civil Engineering as the major for me.

I currently work as a cashier at Harris Teeter. I scan groceries, accept cash, and retrieve carts from the parking lot. I do not really like this job. However, this summer I will be working at Barton Malow, a civil engineering company.

a picture of Tanner

List of Classes Intersting to Me

  1. Target Archery (HESS 251)
  2. Physics for Engineers (PY 205)
  3. Religion and Freedom (HON 340)
  4. The Creative Process in Science (HON 310)

Table of Clubs I Want to Join

Club Club Website
Engineers Without Borders http://www.ewbncsu.org/
Chi Epsilon https://getinvolved.ncsu.edu/organization/152