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My current intention is to major in Material Science & Engineering in North Carolina State University. My anticipated graduation is on May 2020.

Why I chose my major

I have always been interested in chemistry & physics and I thought why not do something with it. There are lots of educational video about science on YouTube that I watch, and the one which caught my interest was on the subatomic world particularly on how Quantum Mechanics as a theory is growing to be our best bet on figuring how our universe works. I have also always been interested in how computer works, and how transistors in laptops, phones, and virtually every electronical device we have is getting smaller and smaller according to Moore's Law. It is just a matter of time before it gets to the nanoscale, and quantum effects will really have an effect on our electronics. I won't go into detail of the specifics, bottom line is that quantum effects will get in our way of making smaller and more compact electronics. This is the thing that is of interests to me in the field, and I might be able to find a job on trying to find a new material to replace silicon as our current semi-conductors on transistor. Besides, my cousin is a Material Science graduate and he said it's a solid major (pun intended).

Skills & Qualities

Relevant Courses

Class Course Title Semester
MSE 201 Struct & Prob Engr Materials Fall 2017
MSE 255 Exp Meth Struct Analysis of Matls Spring 2017
MSE 260 Math Methods for Material Engineers Spring 2017
MSE 270 MSE Seminar Spring 2017
MSE 300 Structure of Matls at Nanoscale Fall 2018