Welcome to Taylor's A+ Homework Assignment

My grandparents and me

My School Life

The Major I am going for at NCSU is Electrical and Computer Engineering with a focus in REES. My expected graduation date is Spring 2019. So far away...

Reason for choosing Electrical and Computer Engineering

I didn't choose my major, my major chose me... Kidding! The reason I chose this major was because I have found myself to be facinated by Renewable Energy and hope to work in that area one day.

  1. Second Language - Mandarin, Chinese
  2. Experienced at giving speeches while in Military
  3. Have leadership experience
  4. Have mentorship experience
  5. Took computer programming classes in highschool and electrical classes my first time in college
Class Course Title Semester
ECE 209 Comp Sys Prog Spring '17
ECE 211 Electric Circuits Spring '17
ECE 212 Fund Logic Design Spring '17
ECE 220 Analy Fnd of ECE Spring '17
CSC 226 Discrete Math CSC Spring '17